The Spirt leaders across the country are doing major changes to their programs

Spring/Summer online Zoom Clinics will require a new weekly password.

Summer is an optional time to train.  Pre-learn cheers and sideline dances for the upcoming year. 

Expand your skills with this new way of learning and possibly performing.  Each week we will be

learning new material or moving forward with a dance combination.  

Pre-register for clinics and pay for days you are planning on attending.  If you happen to cancel

a trip and can attend more weeks you can be added to future weeks.  

Our jobs are to keep the school spirit alive.  The Spirit Squads foremost purpose has been to

support athletes by enhancing game excitement and crowd involvement.  We also promote

over all school spirit and rallies, school events and community service.  As the future of

immediate sporting events is unsure you will see opportunities to change the way we

support our peers and community.  

This is some of the skills I will be teaching this summer.