TEAM PINK Dance JR. offers a chance for 2nd - 4th grade students to support the local community organizations while being part of
a team and exercising. Getting out and working with others while performing at events. Helping out local education programs, supporting athletes, bringing enthusiasm, excitement and a simple smile to people. 

Our groups will perform and help out with many Lamorinda Community events such as Senior Centers, Lamorinda Moms Club Events, Reservoir Run, Earth Day, Orinda July 4th parade, Lafayette Juniors Events, Moraga Pear Festival and more. 

​​​TEAM DanceExperience  Half-Time Performance                                     (Dance groups, Spirit, Cheer, Pom)

 CAL Basketball Halftime 2022

Birthday Parties

TEAM PINK Dance offers a chance for 5th - 12th grade students to give back to those in need while being part of a team and exercising.  This groups main platform will be breast cancer, but will make appearances and help out with many Bay Area charities including Children’s Hospital, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and more.  We will meet 1 day a week for a week dance class and rehearsal.  You do not have to be an advanced dancer but you must be a dedicated and hard worker.  Looking for girls with a great attitude, positive spirit, fantastic people skills to lend a helping hand and entertain those less fortunate.  We will have short dance routines to perform at a number of events throughout the year. Audition will include dancing and interview. 

Onsite Classes

DanceExperience camps   

AGES K-5 AND 6-8 GRADES          


                         October 19-22, 2021 (K-6th)

DVC Dance Experience supporting Breast Cancer reseasrch (fall)


                            February 2022

We are excited to bring together

the local dance community!

Ace Dance Academy 
Joy in Motion 
Dancers join us for Dance Experience Camp 
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Dance Experience  Camps

​All That Entertainment Produces many events for non-profit organizations and charities

Imagine...a custom party designed for toddlers through teens and built especially for you! Parties are held at outside rental sites, or your home.  A one-of-a-kind memory for a special day! 

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to grow and develop in ways that the arts uniquely provide.  We have developed a variety of programs that educates, challenges, and inspires in a personal, non-competitive atmosphere of learning and alot of fun!

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Our popular “After School Dance Program” has

been run at many school like Del Rey, Glorietta, Happy Valley, Indian Valley, Sleepy Hollow, St. Perpetua Elementary and more over the years. 

We usually like to dedicate a day to a few schools This limits how many schools we can do each year, depending on staff schedules.

I know with many of the same kids you like to change

up what is offered for a variety of classes. I believe

this would be a great fit for your school. We feel we

are the answer to an addition for your after school

program needs. 

Clinics with performances at High School, College and Professional Sporting Events.  
This two-afternoon camp will train your child for a short dance performance before or during the games.  High School performances include cheering on the sidelines the first half of the game.  Shellie Nominated choreographer Cassandra Montgomery who has worked with celebrities including Usher, Jay Leno and performed at VMA's, Academy Awards and at "Super Bowl 50".

Dance Experience Fees include: The two-afternoon camps training your child for performance.  Performance Day event, water and snacks during practice, custom-made uniform and accessories (theirs to keep!)  Most games require all participants required to purchase 2 tickets to the games.  




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