Camp fees include:

Supplies: Uniform bow

   Pom poms

4 hours Training clinics 

Game day warm ups


Training from Shellie nominated choreographer and staff

All That Entertainments "Warriors Performance" is dedicated to Alex McLin for his heroic battle against bone cancer and those children presently fighting  Osteosarcoma today.

Shirt sizing ( Approx.)
Yxs: 4-6

Ys: 7-8

Ym 8-10

YL 10-12 

AS 34-36

AM 36-38

If you have any questions regarding Dance camp please email Cassandra and her All That Entertainment staff directly.  This is being offered to the dance studios but not run by their staff so they will not be able to answer all your questions.  You can also click on our contact page. 

 A memory of a lifetime...your child can dance at Oracle Arena for thousands of fans at a Warriors' game to support 
This two-afternoon camp will train your child for a short dance performance prior to tip-off in 2022. Shellie Nominated choreographer Cassandra Montgomery who has worked with celebrities including Usher, Jay Leno and performed at VMA's, Academy Awards and at "Super Bowl 50".

Dance Experience Fees include: The two-afternoon camps train your child in dance technique, turns, jumps.  Performance Day event, water and snacks during practice, custom-made uniform and accessories (theirs to keep!)  All participants required to purchase 2  ticket to the games.  Special group ticket pricing for family and friends to watch performance and game. 

Sign up now because if Warriors sells out of tickets you can't get in the building to participate in performance without buying a ticket for dancer..